Tree Felling

JC Arborists Fell Tree's week in week out, whether it's a structured rope dismantle or a traditional straight forward drop.

Tree Removal & Felling

Felling a tree is something that should be left to the professionals. Whilst it might seem like an easy job to undertake yourself it's far from it.

Here at JC Arborists, we are tree felling and removal experts, we are working with trees every day, every week and every month. Some trees are fairly easy for us experts we know when we can fell a tree without having to do and work on branches. More often than not where trees are close to buildings and residential townhouses, we need to do a rope structured removal. taking branches off one at a time and sliding them down on a rope system.

Sometimes you might not even be aware that a tree needs feeling there can be many reasons other than its outgrown the location, they can become infected often causing limbs to drop first or have rot which will slowly spread through the body of the tree.

We have our own stump grinder so if we are removing a tree in a garden we can grind the stump down.

Some trees have a TPO or tree protection order on them and no work can be carried out on these without permission, this is something that we can deal with for you.

JC Arborists : Tree Felling, Structured Rope Dismantle & Straight Fells

The JC Arborists team are fully qualified and have years of knowledge in the best way to remove trees.

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    • Avatar GKB Equestrian ★★★★★ 4 years ago
      Great, professional service, highly recommend.
    • Avatar Sandra Mason ★★★★★ 6 years ago
      Thankyou for your professional service in removal of two trees all done with a pleasant manner and little mess.

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    6+ Years Of Experience

    The team that Jack uses to form JC Arborists are carefully picked to bring unique strengths to the team, offering a safe working environment and a cost-friendly job.

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    Green Waste

    Branches and overspill waste that goes through our shredder is taken to be used for energy recovery, making sure we make the most out of the tree.

    Professional Tree Care Services

    We have many happy customers and most of our new tree surgeon jobs come from word of mouth via old jobs, just going to back up our 5 star service that we offer.

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    Whether you need a fully qualified & insured tree surgeon to remove a tree or your looking for someone to returf your lawn, call JC Arborists.

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    Whether you're looking for a replacement fence erecting or an old lawn re-turfing, we can offer highly competitive rates.

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    Some clients want to keep chippings, where this isn't the case. we take away all the waste which goes back into renewable energy

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    No matter the time of day we know that your call could be highly important. That's why we can deal with emergencies with great urgency.

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    We know in an emergency speed matters so fallen trees will take priority. As responding to these situations is often time critical.

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    We can offer highly competitive prices for lawn turfing whether you just want us to supply or if you are wanting us to lay.

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